Examples of the design phases

The Design Process:   
At SJS, we value first and foremost client interaction.  Before our first on site session, we will schedule a time for you to talk with our designer.  With this call, we will be able to identity design goals, restraints, objectives, timeline, and budget.  Primarily the goal of this call is to introduce ourselves to each other and find out if our goals line up in a way that working together would be beneficial for the both of us.  Towards the end of the call, we will schedule a time to meet in person at your site and you will also get an emailed list of questions to think about for our first meeting. 


At the on site meeting, we will discuss your wants, needs, as well as the obstacles, and opportunities your site provides to achieve these goals. Through our meeting, we will discuss issues, concerns, and design ideas throughout your site and decide how your needs will fit our design processes.  With the decision to move forward, SJS Designs gathers information from and about you to assist in the design process.  We develop innovative ways to maximize the use of your space and finalize a full and inviting planting plan to compliment a hardscape plan that you will never want to leave.

Throughout the design process you are 100% involved.  We value client interaction because good communication produces the best results!  We will go outside the norm and create (2) conceptual plans that you can choose from.  With the concepts, we create 3-D perspectives so that you formulate a clear understanding of how each design will work with your lifestyle.

When we are finished, you will have a digital copy of a scaled plan that includes a hardscape plan, a planting plan, material list, and cost breakdown of the materials.  You will also have access to needed planting guides.

Sometimes after creating the final plan, clients want to hire an company to install the entire project or parts of it that are more complicated.  If you are interested in a company installing certain parts of your plan, we can talk m ore about our recommended partners in the final stage of the planning process. 

Design fees are flat rates and vary based on the size of the project

Thinking about how to fund this project?  No Problem!!!!  We now offer amazing payment solutions!  You could qualify for 0% interest for the first 18 months of your project.  Be sure to ask about it during your phone consult.