Why SJS?

We value client interaction because good communication produces the best results! 

Samantha Spencer



In 2016, Samantha founded SJS Designs, LLC to pursue her art.  She values client interaction because good communication produces the best results!  She’s values knowing how to work with the space available to produce a desired result, whether that’s feeling more spacious, more cozy, or even just simply more functional.  Her knowledge of horticulture, design, and use of native materials help you put together the best combination of your ideas package that’s workable within your budget.  Her experience in construction management manifests your design in a timely and smooth fashion.   

She loves to practice her own methods at home where she experiments with the mixtures of foliage, color and texture of plants and hardscapes. Her uncanny ability to sense what’s in the client’s minds coupled with exquisite attention to detail, sensitivity to scale and materials, produces stylish, inviting, and harmonious spaces for families to enjoy their very own outdoor arenas at any stage of life.

Landscape Design

For the DIYer...Many homeowners dream of the creating their dream front/backyard, outdoor living space, and/or landscape. Unfortunately many of us do not have the funds to hire someone to do the work for us and you do not know the direction to move forward with on your own. 

SJS Designs' mission is to give you the possibility to make all your dreams come true. We work hand-in-hand with homeowners to give you the guidance and plans needed for YOU to build your dream landscape or hire someone to do the work for you...

Design Build
Design builds are mostly commonly approached with the landscaping industry.  Many homeowners would love to get outside to build their dream landscape, but the resources, time, and priorities just are not there.  

By working together, we will not only create the most perfect plan for your family, lifestyle, dreams,and goals, we will also manage the build out of the project as well.  We partner with great companies who to harness the power of their experienced and precise crews to bring your unique and elegant designs to life.

Project Management
Already have a design ready to implement.  Great!!  Together let's build it out!  We will work with either our or your preferred partners to make your vision a reality.  Sometimes you just need someone to do the pushing for you. That's where we come in.