Are you ready for Spring?

Hey Weekend Warriors!! Isn't the weather amazing!!!! And if you are like me, you are just inching to get into the soil and transform your landscape. Yet while the weather is great now and plants are starting to come up, you need to know that March is the traditionally wettest month (snow) of the year. So it might not be suitable to start landscaping our beds yet, however NOW IS THE PERFECT TIME TO START YOUR GARDEN!!! If you are a vegetable gardener like me, don't wait any longer by making sure that your soil is ready for sowing. First and most important prep your soil?? Personally, I compost everything I can into my vegetable garden. I till in leaves at fall, compose food scraps, and add a thick layer of mulch every year. If there is one only thing you can do, MULCH!!! Mulch adds a ton of key nutrients and bacteria into your soil that will benefit it and your harvest for years to come. Plus, its a great natural weed barrier. Nothing will get through the 3" you lay down! (3"-4" of mulch must be laid to act as a weed barrier) If you haven't prepped your soil yet, do it this weekend!!!! Sowing.... There's a saying that if your peas don't get snowed on, then you sown them too late. Peas are an amazing early crop to sow and actually do better with the snow/cold!! Plus, sowing now provides you with the ability to sow again in 1-2 weeks, and again after that, to have a longer harvest and therefore a larger yield. I sown my first row of peas 2 weekends ago. They are not sprouting yet, however, remember, March is the wettest month of the year. I am confident that they will soon be visible from the house. Other cold hardy/winter crops you can start sowing: *Spinach *Lettuce *Broccoli (start seed indoors) *Cabbage *Cauliflower *Carrots *Radishes *Turnips *Potatoes (March 17) March 17 (St. Patircks Day is traditionally the day you want your cold harvest foods planted/sown. If you don't have any of these in by March 17, you are missing out on huge harvests. Check out 2 great resources I use to determine when to sow other plants: March is also a great month to trim your trees, clean out beds by cutting down anything let over from winter, and mulch beds to prevent weeds from starting. I can't wait to see what you complete this weekend!!